Welcome to Turtletracks Online
As of May 1st, 2015 due to an overwhelming backlog of vest carrier I am suspending the processing of any new vest carrier orders temporarily. Because I (Barbara) am the only one here at Turtletracks and I have not been able to find additional sewing staff here in Grand Junction to date, it has resulted in a situation where I have over 300 vest carriers currently on order. I feel it is necessary to suspend all new orders so that I can bring the existing completion times back down to a reasonable timeframe.

All orders we receive moving forward will be set aside and we will NOT be looking at them until such time that I have resolved the current problems with the backlog, Please do not request a status of an order that was mailed out after May 1st 2015 I am not tracking them at this point. For any order that I do receive I will date the envelope that it was received on and set it aside, until which time that I am able to start working new orders. On average I am able to complete 10-12 carriers a week, if you do the math you can get a rough idea of how long this will take. I am hoping to start process new orders somewhere in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.

To facilitate this concentration on production I will no longer be taking phone calls directly. You are welcome to leave a message and will get back to you, but the preferred method of communication will be by email for the foreseeable future while I concentrate on getting vest carriers out to those that have been waiting for many, many months. My email is Barbara@Turtletracks.us, I check this a few times a day and will try to get back to you within a day, please be patient.

In an effort to streamline a few operational task I will no longer be accepting departmental PO's or Net 30 payment on any orders moving forward. All orders must be paid at time of shipment. We have had more problems with departments not paying in a timely manner than I care to deal with moving forward.