Shirt Style Vest Carrier

Our shirt style carrier has pleated chest pockets with a scallop design flap. It has a button down the front placket that covers a zipper which is how you put your front panels in place, but also gives access if you chose to add an interior holster for a backup weapon. It comes with three mic clips and your name and badge placement.

Notice: If you want the shirt style Molle with buttons, You need to go with the custom order form.

Basic Vest Carrier

The basic vest gives you the comfort of an outer carrier, while keeping a clean, simple design. It has the two upper chest pockets, and three mic clips. You choose how you want your name and badge placed. The lower pockets are all flat, open-topped pockets, with one Velcro and webbing handcuff pocket placed on the right side of the vest.

Molle Vest Carrier

Our molle vest features two upper chest pockets with the design of your choice. You can have up to three mic clips, and your name and badge placed as you choose. The lower front and sides have the molle straps so that you can set up and change out your equipment as you desire. It also includes one molle pouch of your choice in the color matching the carrier.

All our carriers have a belly clip that secures the back panels tightly to the officer. The chest pockets all have interior pen pockets on the left, and a small card pocket inside the right pocket for business cards.

Front Locking Vest Carrier

The front locking carrier has a longer winged back that wraps around the body in a cummerbund style with elastic attachment. The shorter front drops down, creating an easy reach attachment.

Shirt Style-Basic Combo Vest Carrier

The shirt style-basic combo vest carrier is a combination of the Shirt Style carrier with the addition of the Basic style lower pockets.

Custom Vest Carrier

The custom carrier is just that, custom. You choose where you want your pockets placed and for what items you want to carry, such as a flashlight, radio, OC, and more. You have the two upper chest pockets which you have the option of having made with the shirt style carrier design.

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